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July 24, 2022
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August 16, 2022

Pulled Turkey Tostadas

Don’t let Thanksgiving fool you-Turkey is worth so much more than being used one day a year!

Turkey is high in protein, low fat and massively flavorful. That’s why I teamed up with the crew over @turkeysmokebbq to create and share some great recipes for this often, underrated protein.

This is where this recipe came from. Turkey is so much more versatile than many people believe and can be cooked in so many exciting ways. This recipe focuses on pulled turkey, tossed with an incredible Chipotle barbecue sauce. The turkey can be eaten just like that, but really explodes with flavor when served with some salsa verde, corn salsa and crunchy tostadas.

What you will need

  • 9-10 lb. boneless turkey breast roll
  • ¾ cup Flabby Phoenix rub Recipe Here
  • 2 cups white cranberry juice
  • Sprayable margarine
  • 3-4 cups Corn Salsa Recipe Here
  • 2 cups Chipotle BBQ sauce Recipe Here
  • 12-15 corn tostadas
  • Salsa Verde Recipe Here


1. Depending on the kind of turkey you are planning on using, you may need to truss the meat to help keep it all together. For this cook, I used a whole, bonesless turkey (Everything except the wings and the legs) and it came netted.

2. Season the whole turkey with your Flabby phoenix rub, making sure to get an even coverage across all of the meat.

3. Preheat your smoker to 300F and place on your favorite smoking wood. I like cherry because of the sweet smoke and the great color it adds to the meat. Make sure you add a water pan to the smoker.

4. Add the turkey directly onto the grates and smoke until it hits an internal temperature of 145F, spraying it periodically with the cranberry juice.

5. Once the turkey has developed some great color and has hit 145F, place it in a foil tray and pour in about 1/4 inch of the cranberry juice. Continue smoking until the turkey hits 203F. If the turkey starts to get too much color or the exterior gets too firm, wrap tightly in foil, until internal temp is hit.

6. Remove turkey from smoker and allow to rest for 30 minutes, tented in foil. Resting allows the proteins in the meat to relax, creating a juicier and more tender final product.

7. While the turkey is cooking, prepare your Chipotle BBQ sauce and Corn Salsa..

8. When ready to serve, remove the netting or trussing and shred the turkey with your hands. Try to keep the meat "chunky". Mix through your BBQ sauce in stages, until you get your preferred ratio or sauce to meat.

9. Build your tostadas by adding your turkey, corn salsa and Salsa Verde.


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