About us

At Auspitmasters, we are crazy about American style low & slow barbecue and are committed to helping others to learn and develop their own smoking skills, whether that is impressing your friends at your next barbecue or just getting the best out of a steak for yourself. We believe that barbecue is a journey and something which is constantly sought for. We are all students and are all trying to reach that momentary glimpse of barbecue perfection, whenever it can be found.

Proven recipes and advice

We only share recipes and techniques that we have used ourselves and love. They are tried, tested and we have done the hard work and made all of the mistakes for you. While you are here, we hope you can find some inspiration and learn something that will help you to take your barbecue to the next level!

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Kylie & Jared

Auspitmasters is made up of husband and wife team, Jared and Kylie. With Jared growing up in Australia and New Zealand and Kylie being a native of Idaho, USA, it sometimes appears that the only thing similar about their upbringing is their love for quality barbecue and meat. Together Kylie and Jared are sharing their barbecue experience and skills with the world.

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